Women in science


Here I collect some links related to various initiatives, blogs, comments concerning women in science.

Everyone can make a difference! Check, e.g. some possible ways to intervene in biased conversations: Interrupting bias in academic settings

Also find out “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” celebrated on 11 February each year.

– Multiverse – Video blog by quantum physicist Ivette Fuentes, her thoughts on physics, the role of women in science, politics, feminism, minimalism, art, personal experiences

Tenure, she wrote – blog written by various female scientists.

Math, Chocolate and Circus – with a very nice recent piece on “Being a woman in math and academia”

– OpenPyViv blog with a very nice recent piece on “Being the only woman”


Female Science Professor – this one seems not active any more, still there are plenty of older blogpost which are quite informative and worth reading.

Alice’s Adventures in Numberland – Alice Silverberg (Professor of Mathematics) is writing about her experiences as a woman in mathematics.

Supporting the Diverse Personal Lives of Mathematicians – online forum set up by AWM

  • Unconscious bias

    e.g. in recommendation letters or job ads:

Letters of recommendation for women more likely to raise doubts

Do you want to be described as hard working?   From Athene Donald’s Blog who is professor of physics in the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.

Recommendation letter bias checker – Paste your recommendation letter here and see if it uses some gender biased words.

Gender decoder for job adds

Articles on the topic [Nature, New Scientist etc.]

How female scientists can confront gender bias in the workplace

Male teachers are most likely to rate highly in university student feedback

‘Dancing Backwards in High Heels’ – Study finds female professors experience more work demands and special favour requests, particularly from academically “entitled” students.

What the Nobels are — and aren’t — doing to encourage diversity – The prize-awarding academies are making changes to their secretive nomination processes to tackle bias, but some say the measures don’t go far enough.

  • Facebook Groups:

European Women in Math

Women in Maths

  • Profiles of women in sciences:

Prof. Ingrid Daubechies – laureate L’oreal Unesco award for women in science 2019

Brilliant scientific discoveries we have badass women to thank for

– Women in research – blog/interviews

“Science is a girl thing” – EU initiative

“Super Female Scientists” – graphic


From Wartime Devastation To Academic Discrimination, Cecile DeWitt-Morette Overcame It All – about Cecile DeWitt-Morette – mathematical physicist

This Physics Pioneer Walked Away from It All – Why Fotini Markopoulou (a co-founder of the famous Perimeter Institute in Canada) ‘had’ to leave quantum gravity

Interview with JoAnne Growney A poet who has an unusual background. In her first career, she was a professor of mathematics at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.

  • Reports:

EUA presents its latest data on female leadership in universities

– Gender in the Global Research Landscape New method & research by Elsevier

  • Countless articles on the topic:

It is 2018, so why are we still debating whether women can do physics? – A talk by a physicist at CERN suggesting that women aren’t as good as men at physics has sparked outrage. I was there, and people are right to be offended, says Jess Wade

Germany’s Max Planck Society – recent troubles highlight need for change

What Happens to Us Does Not Happen to Most of You

Bias Against Female Instructors – new analysis offers more evidence against student evaluations teaching

When a Field’s Reputation Precedes It – Study finds that a given discipline’s perceived gender bias plays the biggest role in whether women choose to major in it.

I Spent Two Years Trying to Fix the Gender Imbalance in My Stories

This Study Reveals the Sad Reason Women Aren’t Breaking More Glass Ceilings

-Women in maths: why the numbers don’t add up

-Why Aren’t Women Advancing At Work? Ask a Transgender Person. “At one conference, another scientist said, “Ben gave a great seminar today—but then his work is so much better than his sister’s.” (The scientist didn’t know Ben and Barbara were the same person.)”

-How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering

-Women entrepreneurs speak out reality for some (most?) women in tech industry.

– Yves Meyer wins the 2017 Abel Prize maybe not exactly related to the gender equality topic, however in the comments (esp. by M. Marcolli) some good points are raised, and interesting views

– Profiles in Invisibility from AMS Blogs

– My Mother, the Scientist – “What’s it like to grow up with a mother who is a distinguished physicist and the sister of one of the most famous scientists of the 20th century?”

The Continuing Conflict Between Mathematics and Femininity

Female professors ‘pay price for academic citizenship’

–  Gender equality: universities are still all talk and too many trouser

The female mathematician who changed the course of physics—but couldn’t get a job

The A to Z of Dual Career Couples by the Female Science Professor

It’s the 21st century … how is the #allmalepanel still even possible?

How to Close a Gender Gap: Let Employees Control Their Schedules

Girls believe brilliance is a male trait, research into gender stereotypes shows

Why Are There So Few Women Mathematicians?

Bullied out of research

  • And also see:

#All male panel