My latest teaching was on:  “Applications of Hopf Algebras in physics” at the Turin Doctoral School of Mathematical Sciences of Università degli studi di Torino.

The course was intended to give an introduction to Hopf algebras formalism in the connection with quantum (noncommutative) spacetimes. Such spacetimes contribute to one of the approaches to the effective description of Planck scale physics.

No previous knowledge of Hopf Algebras was required and I started with recalling basic definitions (such as: group; field, ring, vector space; algebra, Lie algebra; tensor products, direct products; coalgebras, bialgebras and Hopf-algebras) which were supported by examples appearing in physics.

The later lectures covered the deformation procedure leading to noncommutative spacetimes and their deformed relativistic symmetries. Different constructions within Hopf-algebraic framework lead to physically interesting cases will be introduced.

For more info on the course, the schedule and bibliography have a look here.

My previous teaching includes:

  • June – July 2014 Lectures ”Introduction to Yang-Mills theory” and ”Gravity as gauge theory” at the University of Wroclaw within the Teacher exchange program
  • winter semester 13/14 Lectures in Quantum Mechanics at University of Iceland sans-serif;”> (12 hours)
  • Nov-Dec 2013 Lectures from Mathematical Methods at University of Wroclaw within the Teacher exchange programme
  • winter semester 08/09 Teaching assistant in Algebra 1 (exercise sessions, 30 hours) at University of Wroclaw
  • spring semester 07/08 Teaching assistant in Electrodynamics (exercise sessions, 30 hours) at University of Wroclaw